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Self-Care, It's the little things.....

We all go through a rough patch every now and then. Change is hard as we fear we will not be able to adapt to new ways of living or we will lose something we value. The current World changes we are seeing are affecting us all, even in our little bubbles and it can take a toll dealing with this threatened state of safety and security. It is usually during these low times that we find it hardest to look after ourselves. We constantly put others first and forget that during these hard times taking a moment to connect with yourself can have a profound effect on your daily well being.

Prioritising yourself first, for Men in particular does not come naturally. For some, they may need to be organised and create a self care plan which is a good way to feel a sense of control, others need to just change up and prioritise those small daily actions that make them feel good whether physical, emotionally or spiritually. This can be as simple as turning off the news in the car and putting on your favourite music to improve your mood, Keeping phones turned off while having a chat & a beer with mates, or putting on a detox mask with your partner or do it solo when away from home like my FIFO husband does. It is the little things that can have big impacts both negative and positive to your overall wellbeing.

There are many areas of your life that can be stressful or that brings you into a negative head space, but that also means there are areas in your day to day routine that you can practise self care. Changing up even a couple of areas in your life can be good for the soul and the stress levels. Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual, Professional/Workplace are areas that can externally or internally affect your mood. Awareness that you sometimes cant change what is 'thrown' at you but you can change how you allow it to affect you.

So throw a snag on the barbie just for yourself or invite family or friends, have a game of cards for or against humanity or poker, walk the dog or cat, Bogan out to your favourite tune, or grab a glass of pinot and smash out some Berlioz, tickle the kids or partner, take a long shower, sit around a brazier and talk Philosophy, Cook a different type of meal ie: Breakfast for dinner is always a favourite at our place, Movie night with family or friends and include snacks and blankets.

So if even one of these small changes feels easy, rewarding or even normal then you may be surprised how that simple internal shift can make you see the bigger issues in a lighter way.

Please note that we do not take Mental Health Issues lightly so please contact if you need to talk .

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