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The battle of Skin Vs Winter

In the Winter months we love nothing more than to rug up, sit by a warm fire or near Gas/Electric Heating and sip a warming beverage. The problem is that we forget to hydrate as we usually do in the warmer months due to the cold weather. That then has effects within our bodies and externally shows on our skin’s health.

So how do we beat the Winter skin woes of sometimes dry, wrinkly, blotchy, irritated and red skin.

The key is to hydrate your skin by Exfoliating, Moisturising & Toning. What you put on your skin also absorbs into your body which has a significant impact on your overall health.

Staying away from Chemical laden products & additives especially detergents, fragrances, silicons, sulphates and other drying & irritating ingredients is a step in the right direction in your internal & external health. Regular exfoliation will help remove dead and flaky skin cells so that you fully absorb the ingredients in the moisturiser and toner you are using.

Of course you don't want to forget your extremities and taking care of your hands, feet, scalp and lips will also help bring back your glow. Cracked & dry hands,heels and lips can be a real visual problem in the winter months.

Hempseed Oil which is rich in Omega-3,6 & 9 fatty acids will help lower inflammation, soothe & hydrate & repair the skin barrier as it forms a natural seal trapping moisture. It can help modulate skin oil production and as it is a humectant it also draws moisture to the skin leaving you with well hydrated, smoother skin with visibly less cracks & wrinkles and alleviate redness and irritation.

All of our Hemp Nation products contain Organic Hempseed Oil and only the purest natural ingredients to help you achieve your healthiest you.

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