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This light and woodsy Toner Mist features Organic Sandalwood Hydrosol, Organic Hemp Seed Oil,  and the repairing Powerhouse Organic Essential Oil Blend of

Cedarwood-antimicrobial and skin-calming effects for acne,eczema & wounds.

Petitgrain-Helps with Blemishes & Oily skin.

Frankincense-Soothes & reduce inflammation, reduces wrinkles.

Bergamot-Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory.


Available in  120g with Mist Spray.

Men's Toner Mist

  • Sandalwood Hydrosol, Hemp Seed Oil*,  Organic Essential Oil Blend of Cedarwood*,Petitgrain*,Frankincense*,Bergamot *(Non Phototoxic)

    * Denotes Organic ingredients

  • Needs a light shake prior to use. Keep in or out of the fridge. Spritz on anytime!