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For anyone who suffers with Anxiety, Depression, or general flatness. This blend is effective and safe for those who suffer from Mental Sensitivity. This Blend aids with your normal Treatments. Using the roll on your temples and on your acupressure points on your wrist,hand & foot can alleviate your mood.  The Organic Blend added is subtle and helps with your comfort during this debilitating time. 

Lava Bead Jewellery is also fantastic for aiding the oil delivery- not included but pictured. It can be added seperately or purchased in the therapy pack (See therapy Pack details for the Healing properties of the various stones)


With all essential oil blends it is best to sample the roll on your wrist overnight. Smell it and check the next day for any irritation before using on your face. Remember Organic Natural ingredients can still cause reactions.

Therapy Roll

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil & low THC Extract, Jojoba Oil, Organic Essential Oil Blend

  • Roll on temples, Wrist, Hand & Foot Acupressure point.

    Delivery to the Wrist point can be aidied by rolling lava jewellery onto the point to alleviate symptoms.