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As a great source of plant-based protein our Organic Hemp Seed Oil offers incredible health benefits and is Food Grade. It provides essential Omega 3s and 6s.

Our natural cold-pressed hemp seed oil is a  pure chemical-free liquid that can be taken orally or used externally. It is grown, harvested, and manufactured in Australia. 

Always check with a health professional if you are on medication before you take anything orally.

NEW 250ML Bottle - Perfect for face, body and kitchen!!!

Bulk Quantities also available


Organic Hemp Seed Oil 250ml

  • Organic Food Grade Hemp Seed Oil.

  • A few drops rubbed onto skin as a moisturiser.

    Can be added to you clay face masks for a more potent detox or cleanse.

    4-5 drops daily provides essential Omegas and GLA for help with inflammation, menopause, general all round health.